The Achievement Program

To start you off in the program, we ask you to take a look at the award that most of you are
probably already qualified to receive -
"The Golden Spike Award." 
Click here for the form and more information
Click here for an article by Bruce DeYoung on how he earned his Golden Spike

There are 11 achievement categories in which a model railroader may demonstrate skills and recognition. They are:.

  • Master Builder - Motive Power – you know, engines, the things that pull the cars (railroad of course) from place to place,
  • Master Builder - Cars – the things that get pulled from place to place and, in real life,
    earn the money needed to keep the railroad in business,
  • Master Builder - Structures – yep, buildings – everything from the lowliest outbuilding to the loftiest skyscraper,
  • Master Builder - Scenery – the stuff that your trains run over, under, around and through,
  • Master Builder - Prototype Models – building a model of something that exists in the real world and actually looks like it,
  • Model Railroad Engineer – Civil – track work, planning and installing it,
  • Model Railroad Engineer – Electrical – using electricity to bring your model to life,
  • Chief Dispatcher – this involves operating a model as it would be if it were a real, commercial enterprise and includes putting cars
    together to form trains and delivering them to their intended destinations. Here is an idea borrowed from one of our BOD members.
    It is an easy way to help operators record to remember their experience. This is suggestion to layout owners,
    and not a requirement. Try this helpful form,
  • Association Official – serving in elected NMRA office(s) at the National and/or Regional organizations
    one of which must be at the national level,
  • Association Volunteer – serving the association in either an elected, appointed or purely voluntary capacity at any level,
  • Model Railroad Author – this award involves accumulating points based on how much you write (a page is about 1200 words)
    and where it is published.

Click here for a listing of those members of the GSD who have earned AP Certificates.

Why not see how you can add your name to this group of accomplished modellers by contacting our
AP Chairman, Steve Ascolese.

Click here for the Nationals AP form page and download whatever form
or information you need.

In the meantime, if I can do anything to assist you in your AP efforts don’t hesitate to write.  If I can do it, I will. 
If I don’t know the answer,
I probably know where to go to get it.  And, if I don’t know, I'll find out. 
There is a tremendous amount of willing and eager support available through the NMRA and its membership.

Steve Ascolese- AP Chairman for the GSD


The forms we use in all our contests are the Northeastern Region's standard forms.
We ask that you have these filled out complete with any attached data BEFORE you come to the meet.
We have limited time and the judges wish to see the clinics and
such as well as you do so please have your models and forms ready to go when you get there.
You will need both forms listed below. please the appropriate from link here or go to the NER web site link on the sidebar.

Please note that there is no photo judging at the division level at this time.
Should there be a large enough interest, we will bring it back.
NER & NMRA National conventions always have photo contests so please enter your photo there.

  Click here for the standard Model Contest Entry Form

Member Aid
The staff of the GSD always try to be available to you the member,
If you have a problem, or a question about modeling, please let us know.
Come to us first.
If we do not know the answer, we can find out for you,
meanwhile the National has Member Aid as well, click here.
We are here for you, if you don't ask, we can't help

The Paul Mallery Award
There happens to be a division award for the modeller in our division
who exhibited excellence in modeling skills.
The award is open only to division members and based on scores
given at Regional and National model contents..
Rules for this award have been changed and improved.
Please download and read them.

Click here to download the
Paul Mallery Trophy Rules

Click here to download the
Entry form.

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