Celebrating 50 years of service to our members

The Division is your local contact with the NMRA.


The GSD comprises of the following counties of New Jersey. Sussex, Passaic, Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Morris, Warren. Hunterdon, Somerset, Union, and Middlesex plus Richmond county of New York.
Although our members reside in the northern counties of New Jersey and Staten Island, NY
(the southern-most area of the NMRA Northeastern Region).
We invite NMRA members from all other divisions to
attend our meets and special events as we are invited to theirs..


Our mission is as follows:

1. To develop our members' model railroad hobby skills
by sharing expertise in model building and layout operation
2. Increase applicable knowledge within the membership
3. Develop camaraderie and fellowship among members of the model railroading community
4. and Promote the general goodwill of the hobby.

To accomplish our mission, we;

1. Hold division meets at least four times a year
2. Present "clinics" on model construction and operation
3. Use children's workshops to introduce youngsters to the hobby
4. Promote and pursue the NMRA achievement program.
and much more!

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Any Questions you may have you can contact any officer on the 'Brass' page or email us
at questions@nergsd.com

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Area club Events Many local clubs have events all year round. Many of these clubs support us by hosting our events and we are forever thankful. Check out these groups, and you may even find a great group to join. Click on the above link for more info and club links.

Are you involved in the AP program? There are many areas to excel in and you should try. Even if you will never be a Master Model Railroader,you will learn so much. Start with a Golden Spike and go from there.
We have forms, assistance and judges to HELP you archive your goals. Click the above link and read all about it.

Regional Conventions Besides National conventions that appear all over the county and sometimes Canada and others, there are Regional conventions put on. These are smaller then Nationals and bigger then divisions. While Division meets are one day, the average regional convention is 3 to 4 days long. Try one, your region or the neighbouring region. All are fun.

Sister Divisions GSD had four sister divisions that border it. The Sunrise Trail Division to the east, the New Jersey division to our south, the Susquehanna to our west and the Hudson Valley to our north. Why not check out their activities as well? You just never know what you may learn or who you could run into.

National Coventions Seven days long and packed with clinics, layouts, local tours and more.
Every member should attend at least one to give yourself the best Model Railroad experience and the Great Train show afterwards.

Special EventsRolling meets and Historic Tours
Have an idea? Want to run a special event?
Contact us.

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