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Anyone is welcome to attend our events.  If you are not a member of the NMRA, we invite you to attend up to three of them.  We believe that three visits provide the opportunity to evaluate our organization and decide to become a member and enjoy its benefits. You can click on the button to read more about the three visit policy for non-members.

Three Visit Policy

In light of the recent news regarding the Boy Scouts and other organizations, the NMRA has adopted a policy for at-risk individuals.  You can click on the button to read more about this policy.

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2021 Fall Meet

The Garden State Division will hold its first in-person event since the start of the pandemic. Join us for a fun-filled day at Northlandz in Flemington, NJ.  Two clinics are planned as well as Bring 'n Brag.  Bring a model to the event and tell us about it!

Northlandz is under new ownership and is back in great condition. It is in the Guinness Book of World’s Records for being the World’s Largest Model railroad, too!

Also in the Flemington Area is the Black River and Western Railroad. While it is not officially part of our event, it will be a great place to visit afterward.

Date, Time, and Location

October 30, 2021


495 US-202
Flemington, NJ
9 AM

Clinic 1: 
Bonding and Filling for Model Railroading

By Jim Walsh

Along with model railroading, Jim executes DIY projects for home improvement, repair, and some woodworking. These activities resulted in his collection of adhesive and filler products. Many of these items are useful in model railroading. In this clinic, Jim offers some information and explanation of materials and techniques used for creating a model railroad. Focusing on holding parts together and filling in gaps, Jim shares some of his experiences, observations, and discoveries. 

Bring 'n Brag

This is the part of the event where we ask members to talk about the models they brought to show.  What have you been working on?  Bring it to the event and tell us about it!  What did you do to build and finish the model?

Clinic 2:
More Than Just A Pretty Light – A Railroad Signaling Primer for Modelers

By Scott A. Gothe

Historically, railroad signals have been, for many modelers, one of the more challenging “aspects” to incorporate on a layout for a wide variety of reasons. Regardless of size, complexity, era, or level of sophistication desired, there are very few model railroads (or model railroaders) that would not benefit from adding at least some part of this very important part of the prototype. This clinic will provide a basic introduction to the scope and use of signals by the railroads, and address not only “what” is available and “how” signals can be used in modeling but give a perspective as to “why” a new (or even experienced) modeler should consider exploring this oft-overlooked area of the hobby.



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